Jewellery Store Front
Jewellery Store Right Hand Side
Jewellery Store Left Hand Side
Pedestal Island Display Cases
Necklace Display Close Up
Necklace Display Through Store
Hexagon Display Case with LED Lights
Hexagon Display Case with LED Lights
Closeup Jewellery Showcase
Closeup Hexagon Jewellery Showcase
Closeup Feature Showcase

Project Details

Client: Master Fine Jewellers

Location: Ottawa, ON

Year Completed: 2021

Category: Jewellery Glass Display Showcases


Project Overview

We were approached by Master Fine Jewellers to manufacture their new flagship store’s fixtures located in the esteemed St. Laurent Mall. We took an existing design and made it our own. There were lots of glass-to-glass style displays and unique millwork throughout the store. We utilized bright LED lights and the most secure locks available. The store was laid out in an “L” shape with various feature display cases around the exterior. The chosen wood colours nicely contrasted with the satin aluminum trim. This was a true test of our abilities and I think it turned out flawless!