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Unique Designs

Obsidian Manufacturing specializes in glass to glass display cases. There are many millwork shops who can create glass cabinets. But very few compete with our level of detail when it comes to display cabinets. That's where our expertise in design, shines. We use advanced 3D CAD software like Solidworks to draw and render each job.

We have designs that cater specially for jewellery display cases, coin and collectible display cases, vape display cases, e-cigarette display cases, cannabis display cases and museum display cases.


``Stick to what you're good at``. That's why we aren't the ideal store fixture supplier to everyone, but the perfect supplier to many. We specialize in custom glass display cases and showcases. To the right customer, that's exactly what they need. Whether its a curio for the home or wallcase for the retail store. We can create the perfect solution for your needs.

The different options we offer are tailored from our experience in store fixtures and glass displays. Require pull out drawers, or hinged door storage? We can add these features without issue. Looking for the brightest LED lighting? Our supplier one of the best in Canada.

Reach out to us and get started on your idea!