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A Class Apart: Why Our No.1 Custom Glass Displays Are A Cut Above The Rest


At Obsidian Manufacturing, we don’t just create display cases – we craft bespoke art pieces that elevate any space. Made in Canada, our custom glass displays meet the highest standards of precision, artistry, and innovation thanks to our team’s unparalleled expertise in glass fabrication.

Our vision is to design showstopping exhibits that push the boundaries of the industry. We strive to provide clients with exceptional quality displays and an overall experience that is truly second to none.

Our story begins with our founder, Justin, who honed his skills working with glass and metal frames at his family’s business, Kooiman Industries Limited. Noticing an underserved need for expertly crafted glass-to-glass display cases, a rare specialty due to the intricate designs, Justin set out to establish Obsidian as Canada’s premier manufacturer of luxury custom displays.

Today, our team’s passion for precision drives us to create exceptional museum-grade showcases, dazzling retail displays, and more to suit the unique needs of diverse industries. We take immense pride in offering bespoke designs made through specialized glass cutting, steel welding, precision fittings, quality lighting, and other hallmarks of our trade.

As proud members of the Ontario Museum Association and Canadian Museum Association, we actively support and contribute to the museum community. Our display solutions enhance exhibits and captivate audiences across industries by showcasing the pinnacle of imagination blended with master craftsmanship.

Discover why Obsidian’s luxury custom glass displays are a class apart:

Innovative and Eye-Catching Custom Glass Displays Designs

Master Fine Jewellers Store Showcases custom glass displaysOur talented team thrives on turning imaginative concepts into visually striking glass display reality. We combine artistry, engineering, and creativity to produce customizable exhibits that immediately capture attention in any space.

We sketch, prototype, and refine multiple layout options, maximizing perceived depth, dimension, and clarity. Our expert design process enhances and directs natural light to create impactful plays of illumination and intrigue. We strike the perfect balance between form and function by melding visual appeal with practical spatial elements.

From concept to installation, our focus remains on fulfilling your unique vision. We specialize in seamlessly integrating displays into existing environments through customized sizes, shapes, materials, and positioning. The result is an innovative, custom-fit exhibit that checks every box for aesthetics and functionality.

We utilize premium construction materials like beveled-edge tempered glass, sleek steel/aluminum frames, solid natural wood accents, and adjustable display lighting to enhance visual interest. Our innovative designs incorporate useful features like secure storage, multi-level platforms, internal electrical, specialty glass, and more to create livelier, more practical exhibits.

For a truly distinctive display matched to your brand, space, and needs, our design team welcomes collaborations. We craft striking showcases as unique as your collection, products, or environment that will capture attention and leave lasting impressions for years to come. Bring us your vision and discover the remarkable displays we can create together!

Maximum Durability for Long-Lasting Displays

While aesthetics are important in a display, durability and longevity are also key. Our expert engineering and craftsmanship produce glass showcases built to last for decades with proper care. We exclusively use thick tempered safety glass which is nearly five times more resistant to breaks and cracks compared to standard glass.

Powerful steel frames provide reinforced stability even for extra-large display configurations. We apply durable powder-coated finishes highly resistant to rust, sun damage, and scratches. Our specialized glues create powerful yet invisible bonds engineered to avoid future leakage. All materials are sourced from leading North American suppliers, backing every display with best-in-class warranties.

Every design decision emphasizes resilience from the display’s structural integrity down to material performance. We construct adaptable “floating” corner joints allowing for minor building movements and vibrations that rigid displays cannot handle. We also engineer frames to support displays hundreds of pounds heavier than required as an added safety net for years beyond installation.

Our expert team oversees professional-grade packaging and White Glove delivery service across North America to prevent any transportation damage. For extra confidence, all our display cases feature an industry-leading 10-year warranty and support from our helpful customer service team anytime.

While trends come and go, the exceptional construction of our products enables your display to stay relevant and protected for the next decade and beyond! Our commitment to unparalleled durability empowers you to frequently update display contents while the structure itself endures beautifully.

Completely Customizable Sizing and Configurations

No two spaces or collections are exactly alike, so why settle for a one-size-fits-all display? Our glass display cases are completely customizable to match your precise environment, products, and vision. We offer extensive standard sizes from compact countertop units to towering configurations over 25 feet tall. Our specialized experience also allows us to accommodate truly custom sizing including curved glass, irregular dimensions, and more.

Beyond dimensions, every material and component boasts customization potential. Select from various glass types and thicknesses like laminated, acoustic, or UV-filtered. Integrate wood finishes like oak, walnut, and bamboo to infuse warmth and texture. Choose adjustable display lights to create dramatic spotlights on focal points. Blend opaque and transparent materials for balanced views and mystery. The possibilities are endless!

We frequently customize displays to optimize exhibitions, product assortments, visitor circulation, and more. For jewelry stores, angled glass or tiered layouts boost presentation while preventing reflections. Museums may desire climate control, dimmable lighting, and artifact anchors. We uncovered glass tops facilitate frequent item rotations popular in apparel stores.

Your Account Manager will collaborate one-on-one to understand all spatial, functional, and aesthetic priorities before drafting design proposals. We welcome you to revise and perfect plans until complete alignment is achieved. Throughout the process, you retain full creative control to actualize a display that surpasses expectations.

Unleash your vision – with limitless customization we craft displays as unique as you! Contact us today to transform your space with a tailored glass showcase reflecting your individuality.

Cost-Effective Solutions to Fit Any Budget

Investing in a custom glass display elevates your exhibits and environments for years while supporting improved customer experiences. With significant long-term impact, a reasonable one-time investment pays dividends across daily operations, events, community interactions, and more.

Obsidian strives to provide high-value solutions at accessible price points for organizations of all types and sizes. Our specialized experience delivering hundreds of displays allows us to optimize efficiencies across the entire process. We maintain strong supplier relationships and high production volume to secure very competitive pricing on materials, fabrication, and shipping. These substantial savings are directly passed onto you.

We offer flexibility matching specific budgets by adjusting glass thickness, material choices, lighting configurations, and hardware options. Your Account Manager transparently presents cost/benefit tradeoffs while aligning to your priorities. Reasonable installments can also be arranged through our trusted financing partners if desired.

Once installed, the exceptionally durable build of our displays minimizes ongoing maintenance costs for years. Quick component replacement and comprehensive services by our technicians ensure lifelong functioning. Avoiding frequent upgrades down the road provides further value.

Delivering stunning displays with maximum ROI is our commitment. We welcome the opportunity to collaboratively explore options matching your unique budget. Contact us to start a conversation and discover surprising affordability!


What types of spaces are your displays designed for?

Our stunning and durable glass showcases elevate environments across industries. We craft optimized solutions for retail stores, jewelry boutiques, museums, galleries, trade shows, corporate offices and lobbies, educational facilities, municipal buildings, and more. Our displays also work beautifully in residential settings like homes, yachts, and apartments.

What glass options do you offer?

We source premium tempered glass in clear, low iron, acoustic, UV-filtered, and opaque gray. Available thicknesses range from 1/4″ to 1″ to account for durability, clarity, weight, and cost needs. All our glass is carefully hand-polished for pristine transparency.

What types of lighting do you install?

Display and ambient lighting complete the exhibit experience. We install adjustable spotlights, elegant hanging fixtures, overhead strips, and external illumination. Our experts recommend positioning, wattage, and fixtures to create ideal spotlights, uniform light diffusion, or dramatic shifts.

How long does it take to build my custom display?

Our average lead time is 6-8 weeks from final approval to shipment. More complex designs may require 10-12 weeks. We provide specific timelines tailored to your project’s scope and customize them to accelerated requests when possible. Receive complimentary rush fees on orders over $20,000.

Do you offer servicing after purchase?

Yes! We back every display with a 10-year warranty and lifetime technical support. Your display can be serviced by our specialists across North America. We also provide maintenance instructions and sell replacement components individually if minor issues arise.

How do I request a quote or design proposal?

Visit our website to complete our Design Survey so our Account Managers can fully understand key details like your environment, goals, products, timeframe, and budget preferences. We will follow up shortly with a custom preliminary proposal and quote for your review. Request as many design revisions as needed!

Reach out today to bring your dream display to reality with Obsidian!


Discover Display Solutions That Stand Apart

When selecting your glass display partner, choose the gold standard in quality, aesthetics, and customization. Obsidian’s striking yet exceptionally durable showcases redefine what’s possible, delivering truly long-term value unmatched in the industry.

Our commitment to imagination, high-caliber personal service, and master craftsmanship ensures a final product aligned with your unique needs and vision. Seamless collaborations result in innovative exhibits that immediately capture attention while reliably protecting precious content for generations.

Explore why museums, retailers, corporations, and private collectors consistently vote our displays best-in-class across critical categories:

Quality & Durability:

Handmade in Canada using top-tier tempered glass, steel, fine woods, and rigorous construction techniques that stand the test of time. We confidently back every display with a decade-long warranty.

Design & Innovation:

Custom made-to-order sizes and layouts with endless material and lighting options to actualize fully bespoke visions into reality. Our expertise brings creative concepts to life at any scale.

Service & Support:

Dedicated single point of contact for transparent communications and rapid responses through every phase from design to shipping to lifetime technical assistance. White glove delivery and installation are available.

Presentation & Protection:

Show-stopping displays that elevate any environment while keeping valued contents secure. Features like glass locks, alarms, and climate control safeguard while accent theatrical lighting enlivens.

Value & Investment:

Surprisingly affordable custom solutions thanks to our specialized expertise and efficiencies. Plus peace of mind from maximized product visibility, minimized operation costs, and avoided frequent case replacements for over 10 years.

Collaborate on Custom Masterpieces with Us

We invite you to co-create with our master artisans directly.

At Obsidian, our specialized glass and metalwork artistry turns even the boldest visions into museum-grade realities. Through blending imagination, rigor, and passion for precision, we craft tailor-made, head-turning centerpieces designed to transform any space.

Redefine modern display capabilities and connect with our designers today for a complimentary consultation. From the first sketches to the final installation, realizing your creative inspirations through glass fabrication mastery is our privilege and honor. Let us bring your concepts to breathtaking life.